Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My First Post! O.P.I Koala Bear-y

So I finally did it! I made a blog for my love of nail polish! Before I started youtube I wanted to make a nail polish blog. But then I discovered youtube and got addicted to watching beauty videos so I created an account and started to make beauty videos and put aside my polish blog. Then just recently I searched my favorite nail polish blogs and got back into that kick of reading all of the posts! So I decided to finally create a Polish Blog! I am still going to continue making beauty videos, but now I have a place to blog about my LOVE of Nail Polish!

O.P.I Koala Bear-y:
Since it is now fall, I decided to post a fall-looking color. This color has been pushed to the back of my nail polish collection for so long and I never really used it. Then when I found it (again!) it looked like the perfect color for the start of fall.

At first when I saw this color (A long time ago, haha) I thought "What a pretty red!"  and then realized that it was actually a pink! The color is a slight bit darker in person and more red-ish looking. I took this picture last night because I was so excited to make my first blog post, but I think that I will have to start taking the pictures in the morning when the lighting is better.

 This color is actually a cream polish (which I love!) so it applied so smoothly. It only took about two coats to really get the color looking like the bottle. It is a pink with red undertones. All day today I was looking at my nails and thinking that they really did look red, but it really depended on the lighting. 

I am really liking this blog thing! More posts to come! :) TTYL!

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  1. Waauuwie, that nailpolish is really pretty!
    Nice blog, i love it!