Wednesday, October 13, 2010

O.P.I Holiday Glow

Hey Everyone!
I am the type of person who NEVER, I mean never wears dark nail polish. I sometimes use black in some nail designs that I do, but never just plain on my nails! To tell you the truth I was always like "Oh, I can never wear dark polish, it will just make me look whiter." (because I have very fair skin) and "I am not the type of person who can rock dark polish." But then I saw this color and I had to get it! I am pretty sure that it is from O.P.I's holiday collection from last year but I still love it just as much!

At first when I saw this color I totally thought that it was brown! (doesn't it look brown?) But if you really look at the bottle, you can see that it is really purple! Not like a purple, purple. But a deap plum color. It has lots of flecks of gold shimmers in it and I actually like that because if it didn't have those shimmers I think that it would just look Plain FLAT! haha

When I purchased this color I thought that it would be a good color for my tips of my nails and just a good top coat color to add a little pop to a base color. But then when I applied it, it was very pigmented! It took about 3 coats to get my nails to really look like the bottle.

I am really liking this darker color on my nails! This color is helping me work my way to wear just plain black on my nails. But I am still not quite ready for that plain black color! I hope you all enjoyed!

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