Thursday, November 4, 2010

China Glaze Black Diamond

Hey everyone!
I recently picked up this color and I really love it! haha It's funny because the post below this one is saying that I never wear dark polishes, and here I am posting another dark polish! haha I have just been really into dark colors. I think that they look clean (if their are no chips in it) and edgy.
This color I got at Sally's for around 5 dollars! I thought that was a great deal! If you want discount China Glaze, go to Sally's!
Anyways, about the color! haha
 I wore this color for Halloween and it was a great excuse to wear dark polish (but I think that I am going to wear dark polish now!). The color is black with silver shimmers in it. The shimmers are so fine that you cannot even see them from far away. :)

This picture is from far away, so you can hardly see the shimmers! The polish has a very thick consistency. Mostly all of the China Glaze nail polishes that I own are very thick! If you smudge it, you have to take it off or else it will not look good. Some nail polishes that I have, if I smudge it, I can go over it and it will look like nothing happened. But the China glaze polishes aren't like that. They are very thick and cover well. I still like the colors from them anyways! haha The first coat was very sheer. It was like a clear-black with shimmers in it. The second coat was much thicker and covered very well! I believe I did three coats though because I wanted it to look better than the bottle! :)

 Above is another picture of the Black Diamond color, but you can really see the shimmers up close!
This color is also perfect for the holidays (which are coming soon! So excited haha).
I am really liking the dark colors but as I write this post I have nothing on my nails! haha I am letting them breathe, which is always good to do once in awhile! :)
Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I think dark nailpolishes look really good on you! :)